We inform our visitors that the name of the Hungarian National Association of Recyclers (Hulladékhasznosítók Országos Egyesülete, HOE) has changed to Hungarian Waste Management Federation (Hulladékgazdálkodók Országos Szövetsége, HOSZ), and we are continuing our activities under the latter name. This change became necessary due to a new requirement under Hungarian legislation, but we are continuing to provide our member companies and partners with the same high quality services as in the previous years. Our contact details remain unchanged.

HOSZ is principally the industry federation of recycling companies in Hungary, with its currently 50 members representing a significant proportion of the Hungarian recycling industry. Through waste collection and recycling, our member companies protect the environment from pollution, conserve the Earth’s resources and raw materials, supply the industry with secondary raw materials, while creating jobs, carrying out investments, and contributing to the state budget with millions of euros. Our federation’s duty and mission is to do everything possible to help create the appropriate legal and economic conditions for the operation of this essential industry sector. To quote T. Ansons,

"Museums preserve the past. Recyclers preserve the future."

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